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Access One of the Most Responsive Consumer Panels for Market Research

Great Sites is one of the most responsive 'actively managed' panels available for Market Research. We provide highly targeted, fresh and reliable recipients for research panel participation.

We also offer marketing programmes and online survey completions driving focus groups and product testing programmes and are specialist in assisting our clients in reaching their survey targets, quickly with available, active respondents.

Best Practice

While we are not a Market Research practitioner we understand the importance of the ESOMAR (World Association of Research Professionals) guidelines on Internet Research for clients, and make sure that where possible we adhere closely to their guidelines for best practice

  • Our invitations to participate in Market Research are CLEARLY differentiated from any other form of communication we send our panel - including different email delivery address, subject lines that clearly state 'research invitation', different branding and different email layout. We take great care to ensure that any invitation to participate in Market Research is clearly differentiated from other communication such as Direct Marketing
  • Our panel is actively managed and maintained to ensure we have accurate, up to date information on our panelists and that we accurately state the size and composition of our panel
  • Panelists anonymity is protected, we are 100% opt-in and spam compliant and clearly state our privacy policy, terms and conditions and the nature, length and reward for participating in each research project

Benefits for Researchers

  • Large database - over 500,000 members globally
  • Frequently updated - refreshed once a month
  • Experts in survey behavior & driving survey completions
  • Fast turnaround
  • Extensive reach
  • Maximum profiling - over 200 data pieces per member

Options available

  • Online Samples: email to a target group of our members (profile) and invitation to participate in a research project normally an online survey run by the market researcher.
  • Monitors: on-going research projects run at regular sample intervals to help the market research monitor metrics relating to their client over time.
  • Top-Ups: assistance in completing a research project by filling in the gaps. We send research invitations to the missing demographics within an extremely fast turnaround.
  • Hosted Interviews: an incentivised online survey is created based on questions supplied by the market researcher and invitations sent out to a group of members, results and demographic profile are then supplied.
  • "The 10 Second Survey": a topical or point of interest poll or survey. The intention is to engage with members in a light hearted manner in order to generate stats that can be used to generate catchy public opinion headlines and articles, which are then used as "link bait" on a client's own site. This supports our client's SEO link building strategy.
  • Panel Building: via our partner The Performance Network, we assist panel and fieldwork providers with the ability to build and recruit for panels. TPN offers a comprehensive performance based Lead Generation service that uses multiple channels to drive panel joins.
  • Focus Group Invites: a select group of our members can be contacted to recruit for focus groups. Our panel have agreed to be contacted by email, phone and SMS and can be targeted by postcode.
  • Free Sample Giveaways: (IHUT or in-home usage tests) FMCG or researchers that are interested in feedback on consumables send their product to our members, and ask them questions after they have used the product.
  • Watch & Answer: (show TVC and ask questions) Companies and researchers interested in measuring the effectiveness of their television commercials (TVC) use Great Research to show a TVC to our members and then ask questions about the commercial.
  • Telephone Surveys: (data) Great Research also collects phone and mobile numbers from its panel members and can provide this data to researchers wishing to carryout phone interviews.

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