The fresher the data, the better the data.

Consumer & B2B lists for email, post, phone, mobile & fax.

100% opt-in & spam compliant.


The fresher the data, the better the data.

How fresh is the data you're using for Direct Marketing? The fresher it is the more likely contact details will be correct and purchasing intentions still current. At The Great Sites we make data available within 24 hours of a member completing a survey. And we refresh our database every month through the use of our mini-surveys. So when we tell you someone is in the market for a new credit card, a home loan or broadband connection, guess what? They are!

100% opt-in and spam compliant

When members complete survey they give us their explicit permission to contact them with products and offers that will be of interest to them, and to share their data responsibly with other companies. At any time a member can opt-out and we immediately remove their records from our database. If we give you their details, we have their permission.

Multiple communication channels

We ask our member's permission to supply data for:

  • Email campaigns
  • Postal campaigns
  • Telemarketing
  • Mobile, SMS campaigns
  • Co-registration campaigns

Maximum profiling

On average we collect over 200 pieces of data on each member and they're all available for you to select against. Whether you want to use demographic or regional targeting, answers to specific purchasing intention questions, recency - chances are we've asked the questions you'd have asked yourself.

Business and Consumer Data

Do you need business to business data that is opt-in and spam-compliant? We've got it. Great Sites allows you to target decision-makers and purchase influencers across a range of job titles and product categories. And like all our data, we get explicit permission for you to use the data for B2B marketing.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Target decision makers & purchase influencers
  • Pinpoint product categories
  • Product and category specific questions
  • Results available within 24-hours of survey completion
  • 100% opt-in - member have asked to be marketed to
  • Intensions still current, data refreshed each month

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